Thursday, June 23, 2011

miniNoteViewer v0.26

2011-06-22 Version 0.26
- fixed the problem of time format.

2011-06-20 Version 0.25
- add the menu "insert text" to insert text.
  (clipboard text,template text and time/date formated text)
- add the option "edit template text".
- add the option "font style"(default/monospace/sans serif/serif).
- sort preference items into three groups.


  1. Hi,

    Can you change:
    - Then I use function Move to...\Copy to.. file I see typefile (*.txt). Can you hide this?
    Add new function:
    - MiniNoteViewer must understanding URL links and Phone Number in "View Mode". Can you add this?
    5555-1111 - My wife - My Favorite Link ;)

    Then I click on URL\Number my Android Open URL\Call

    You may be interested to create another project?
    I have two ideas:
    - GTD method of work with the tasks (on the basis of MIniNoteViewer)
    - The program for the development of human memory - a set of tools (new project)

  2. Hi, Evgeny

    When Move To.../Copy to.. , Do you want to hide extension of file? or files name itself (show only folder name)?
    I think both are needed to show.
    Could you tell me your inconvenient situation.

    URL links is maybe useful.
    I will consider to add links (URL/Phone Number/E-mail address).

    I'm interested in another project although it sounds hard work.
    Are there existed similar apps ?
    It's helpful to understand your ideas.



  3. Hi,

    Sorry for long wait :(
    Thank you for the realization of new features :)

    About for the two projects.
    First - Todo Manager (simple GTD).
    What you need to do (if you want):
    synchronization (Dropbox) or backup
    Search and replace text in all documents.
    Tags, Sort (Name, Date, Manual), filter, Status (done\undone)
    And all this is just a text document :)
    Here is an example how its work in txt documentресульт

    The second project.
    Much more interesting, but I can not explain it. It is suitable only speaking and thinking in Russian. How to implement it in English I do not know. This method improves of visual memory. Russian alphabet is replaced by the images (the problem is that I do not know English, so I can not optimize the method for the English language.

  4. Hi,

    Can you send me \answer me on me e-mail:

    I want send you e-mail with picture (My idea - application for Android)


  5. It appears your app cannot be downloaded in Turkey - could you take a look at this?

  6. hi Nick. Sorry, I fixed it. Please try again.