Tuesday, May 10, 2011

miniNoteViewer v0.23

Recent Changes
  2011-05-10 Version 0.23
- add backward search button on search function.
- add the option "Viewer Mode". It hides the IME on note view.
  (Select "Show the IME" in context menu to show the IME.)
- add the menu to search in a folder.

New feature is searching text across in multiple files in a folder.
There are some differences between this app and Tombo.
Firstly  a file  include search word is opened as read-only.
(Select Menu -> Edit to edit the file and this file opened normally.)
And found file list is not made. It's not like "grep".
Files are opened sequentially.

Finally when a folder has a great number of files and large size files,
these may cause bad performance.
If you have a such folder. please let me know about its performance.

Enjoy it.


  1. Hi,
    Cool work! Thanks you.
    Can you add:
    1.Autosave (after user click button "back")
    2. Bottom menu( Buttons:
    2.1. Add Current Data
    2.2. Add Current Time
    2.3. Add Template Text
    3. Wrap in Browser list file


  2. Hi Evgeny.

    Thank you for your comment.
    I,ll add no.1 and no.2 to my To Do List.

    I think you can use "copipe" as workaround of no.2 .
    (It need to tap a lot of times.... to insert text.)

    Can you tell me the details of no.3.
    What is Browser list file?


  3. Hi,

    I forgot move file\folder from "Folder1" to "Folder2".

    About 3.
    Then I start miniNoteViewer I see list folder and files...
    If the file or folder name is very long it is truncated. Is it possible to transfer the function name on new line

    About 1,2 thanks
    Also thanks for link :)


  4. Hi,

    oops.. It's my mistake. Probably, the wrap-text was dropped when I added icons.

    OK. I've got it.
    3. Wrap long file name.
    4. Add "move file" to long click menu.


  5. Hi,
    Just checked. Does not work with ANKI encoding (the standard Windows for txt Notepad.exe)
    1. I create on my laptop txt-file (win+r -> notepad -> Enter -> type txt (Russian language) -> save - > Sync DropBox.
    2. Open from MiniNoteViewer (the text is unreadable)

    P.S. If txt save as... -> UTF-8 all read.


  6. Hi,

    Character set is very complicated.

    Using Japanese text on my Windows desktop, ANSI on Notepad.exe means Shift-JIS(Japanese chara-set).
    Because default chara-set of Japanese Windows is Shift-JIS.
    Therefore I need to handle its text as Shift-JIS on Android.

    And then ..
    Please try chara-set "windows-1251" on miniNoteViewer
    (set it in Preferences -> Character Sets).

    windows-1251(CP1251) is cover languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet.

    If it doesn't work, let me know the default encoding on your laptop and I add your encoding to my app.

    The default of my app is UTF-8, and can not detect other encoding automatically(sorry.).

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for you create new functional :)

    Maybe you find time for create another function:
    add current time,
    add current date,
    add text from templates...


  8. Hi,

    You GURU :).
    Thanks you.

    Can you check time format?
    If I understood correct:
    24h format time = hh:mm:ss - I See 11:10:10
    12h format time = h:mmaa - I see 11:10PM

    Current time 23:10 or 11:10PM


  9. Hi,

    mybey .. 24h format is kk:mm:ss

    and I want to use HH:mm:ss (H:0-23) but it doesn't work.
    I am checking my code now...

  10. Hi Evgeny,

    I released v0.26 fixed time format problems.
    Try it.

    for example
    H hour in day (0-23)
    K hour in am/pm (0-11)
    h hour in am/pm (1-12)
    k hour in day (1-24)

    also see http://developer.android.com/reference/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html


  11. Now all work :)

    I created a topic on the Russian site (subject site - a communication device).
    I think a lot of people will thank you for your work.

    I have many ideas for this program. If you wish I can tell you.

    Thanks you.

  12. Hi Evgeny,

    You are always welcome!!!

    Many ideas? It's also very welcome , if you don't mind that my programming speed is very slow. :p