Tuesday, May 10, 2011

miniNoteViewer v0.23

Recent Changes
  2011-05-10 Version 0.23
- add backward search button on search function.
- add the option "Viewer Mode". It hides the IME on note view.
  (Select "Show the IME" in context menu to show the IME.)
- add the menu to search in a folder.

New feature is searching text across in multiple files in a folder.
There are some differences between this app and Tombo.
Firstly  a file  include search word is opened as read-only.
(Select Menu -> Edit to edit the file and this file opened normally.)
And found file list is not made. It's not like "grep".
Files are opened sequentially.

Finally when a folder has a great number of files and large size files,
these may cause bad performance.
If you have a such folder. please let me know about its performance.

Enjoy it.