Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New version of miniNoteViewer released (v0.14)

Hi, I'm happy because someone use my android app.

New version released.
Charset "windows-1251" is added.
To set this charset, tap "menu" -> "Preferences" -> "Character Sets".


  1. Thank you for your good work!
    I am using tombo for a couple of years on the pc and my WinMo and was desperately seeking for a app on android. And one day I found your app :). So thanks once again!

    Before your app I found this site: and maybe you are also connected to the developers? I did monitor the site but there had not been any progress...

    I have one problem with the app: If I have a large Note then the search does not work if i search for something at the end of the text. It does work for the beginning. (The Note is about 30k, password protected and it seems not to work if the string is after the middle of the text)

  2. hi! Wim.
    Me too. I was in same situation.
    I was using Tombo on Windows Mobile and monitoring that website.
    But,because of no update, I made my app desperately.
    So compared with Tombo,this app has only few limited functions...

    about search function, I can't find problem.
    I have checked by following.

    1. get large-size note.
    I used http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc0793.txt (169kbytes)
    2. open this file by nimiNoteViewer.
    3. save as encrypted file.
    4. close file and app.
    5. open encrypted file by app.
    6. find word with "page 85".

    then I could find "[Page 85]".
    It seemed work well.

    So, could you tell me your situation in detail.
    If possible,could you give me some sample data and find word to occur problem.

    I want to fix it.

  3. Shame on me: You are right there is no error it was my failure :(. (I copied the text with the clipboard in tombo. This way it has been truncated .... so the text I searched for was not there .... )

    Sorry that I bothered you.

  4. hi Wim.

    It's good to find out the cause.
    If you find other problems, please let me know.


  5. I am Tombo-Fan since years. Now, on my Mac and with my Android mobile I love to see not only a viewer but an editor for my Android.

    I use DropBox for syncing my Tombo-Files between Mac and the mobile.

    miniNoteViewer does not register as Texteditor in Android and so I cannot use miniNoteViewer directly from DropBox. Maybee you can change this.

    miniNoteViewer should also register chi mime type in Android so that opening a Tombo file in Android will use miniNoteViewer as default viewer.

    This would be very helpful because so miniNoteViewer would be accessable for any filemanager as texteditor and chi editor.

    Maybee you could include some functionality in the preferences so that the user can manually register miniNoteViewer as default txt and default chi editor in the system.

    You should ad an about part in the menu, it is not easy to find contact information. Maybee a special email address for miniNoteViewer.

    Thank you for the nice tool.


  6. Has miniNoteViewer a size limit for chi files? I tried to edit a file with about 9,x kByte and I was not able to insert any character.

    Then I went to the end of the file and deleted some characters. Now I could insert as many characters as I deleted.


  7. hi,Candid.
    If DropBox user, how about "Tombo Edit"?
    It's good though it can not save files to DropBox yet.

    About to register as Texteditor in android...
    i will do it in my free time.

    miniNoteViewer does't have a size limit.
    (maybe API/lib/device? has a limit)
    I can treat 172Kb chi file on my device.

    Thanks for your comment.

  8. hello Candid.

    Now I'm learn to use intent-filter...

    I will probably do that.

    You will be able to read .chi file directly from dropbox soon..

  9. Hello,

    thank you for your answer. I already tried Tombo Edit. Its nice, but it only can read Tombo-Files up to now. miniNoteViewer can read and edit Tombo files that is why I switched to it.


  10. Hi, Thanks for your gooooood application.

    I can make and read notes in Korean in my android device. However, I can't read my notes in Korean from my desktop.
    Plase can you add more Charset such as "UTF-8/LF".

  11. Hi, 용휘

    Your desktop is Mac OS(line break is CR) ?
    I will try it when i have enough time.
    (I'm sorry, I have enough time now..)

  12. Tried moving encrypted file from Droid x to Win PC and read with Tombo. Works OK, except CR/LF differnece. Appears Android only uses LF and Win PC Tombo wants both.

    What I really want is a way keep notes encrypted on both systems and be able to edit on either without having to use a special program on Win PC.

    Perhaps, using an encrypted zip file.

    Or provide a reference to an WinPC app tthat will encrypt/decrypt the .chi file without requiring Tombo.

  13. Hi, Dana

    OK. I'm coding now. miniNoteViewer will be able to handle line break character soon.

    If you hope to try test module, contact me by email (hatapy at-sign gmail.com).


  14. Excellent program, many thanks!
    but there is a problem: it can not be called for editing .chi files from the new Dropbox 2.0, probably since it does not register .chi extention. Can it be fixed?