Friday, January 21, 2011


miniNoteViewer is released at Android Market.

- Simple file explore
- View and edit text files(.txt)
- Text files encrypted(Blowfish algorithm)
- View and edit files encrypted by Tombo(.chi)
- Search for word in text(REGEX/CASE_INSENSITIVE)

also see here (Japanese contents).


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for the excellent program!
    Can you add conversion from russian codepage cp1251?

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for your comment!
    OK, I'll add its character set to Preferences in next version.

  3. Dear Hatapy!
    For make Your program 5/5 please do searching across whole program folder, as it was in Tombo on Windows mobile!
    Thank You in advance!
    (please excuse me for my bad English)

  4. Hi constrn!

    It's very hard work to add searching in folder. So I need a lot of time.

    If your files are text files, I recommend "aGrep" . aGrep is like a "grep".

    Or ...
    How about Doing It Yourself ?
    miniNoteViewer is under GPL license.
    source code ->

    Thanks a lot!

  5. OK. I'll waiting and test aGrep.
    About doing it myself... Hmm.
    I afraid it's impossible, but I'll try.
    Thank You! All the best.

  6. Hi costrn.

    Please try version 0.23 to search words across multi files.
    Menu -> Find at file list view.


  7. Dear Hatapy!
    Yes! 5/5. Now I again start to use Your program and don't afraid to lose important information in far folder.
    Thank You!

  8. Hello Hatapy!
    I am using mininoteviewer as a replacement for tombo on my android. It's working great~! Here are some suggestions to improve:-

    01. Options to make the text smaller in file list view mode.

    02. Implement Virtual Folder like in WinCE/Windows version. Is this possible?

    Thanks alot~! :D

  9. Hi MATSURU!
    Thanks for your comment!

    01. OK, It's not difficult. Wait a few weeks.
    02. This is impossible.
    Because I didn't use Virtual Folder on my WinCE device. And now I don't have WinCE/Windows devices.
    So I don't know this function.
    So sorry... m(_ _)m

  10. Hi,
    thanks for this program!
    Please, can you add conversion from CentralEuropean codepage: cp1250?

  11. Hi, JanoSk.

    I released version 0.33 added windows-1250.
    Try it, and please tell me if it work well or not.


  12. Hi, Hatapy,
    I am test it now and it is appear as work very well (sorry for my english ;-))
    More thanks!

  13. Please, do you plan to add folder decrypt/encrypt feature to any next version? I use Tombo 1.17 on my notebook and I use this function on it..

  14. I didn't have such plan.
    But now I have added this issue into my ToDoList.
    Please wait patiently.